Lucky Jim

 In this photo: Sherlock’dberry Finnegans Wakefield

‘It’s elementary, my dear Jim.’ Adults are shipwrecks, teenagers are wasted, girls are girls, we the low-life drifters we have no loved ones, no next of kin, no pets, nothing to live for, but a few bad habits. ‘I didn’t know that girls can be that ape and spooky, massa Sherlock.’ I think I can understand now. Girls are the real sovereigns of the human zoo Discovery Science is channeling on… ‘Controlling and domineering everything, put some winning genes into their marsupial possum. It’s the Natural law.’ That is to say, when the men aren’t little tiny boys, while they aren’t little toys and little soldiers – grooming or gadgets accessories, both zoology and science of life are utterly superior to human anthropology. (Jim finishes his sentence and chuckles). ‘Precisely. It’s elementary, my dear Jim.’ You’ll need a great quality of semen with good appealing appereance in order to succeed as human being. Butt, intervenes royalique Sherlock’dberry, you can’t blame it on girls. They’re only following their nature (as Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan enters on National Geographic schedule flux) and you can’t measure the reproductive complexity only with the intellect. You’ll  have to understand the rule of the game. The way how to cat jumps. Even when you’ll do that, it will be without a triumph and victory, since the ration and intellect can’t beat and conquer almost anything. (The Voice continues). In fact, they are quite and pretty useless. It’s something else, more arcane and mysterious, and brute, always shifting, always irrational, sneaking and lurking here in there, that is always winning. We say that if you aren’t born like that, if you are born with a small degree of it, the adaptation and your succeeding genes could be in real danger.  I must say, that culture can’t win anything, my dear Jim. All crafty and sneaky women know this unbereable and decisive advantage (coughing). Take a deep breath, I would say that all women they’re in the know of naturally in this, even when their intellect can’t catch it or comprehend it (he is very affreud – he became rampant passive-aggressive).  They’re always winners. It’s the Natural law. The Mother Nature is always winning. You may say extensionally that we all live in some kind of incestuous anthropological gang-bang, with the sperm travelling cosmically from egg to egg as a gift, and without seeing reciprocity as necessity in itself. Polynesia and Melanesia like Kinder Surprise Egg. As a gifted gift. ‘That is to mean that we the men are condemned to doom and extinction, massa Sherlock?’ ‘ Quite contrary, my dear Jim.’ We’re going to live for a long long time, nothing more than pets and toys. This gift and quality is like skimmed-milk, controlling products, and the males, and the women are the best inspectors of quality for their needs. It’s always their needs. But, if you succeed in understand a woman desire and need you’ll have a good lucky chance. (He became  anti-rhetoric). You’ll probably have a reasonable life, hard and dispersed with difficulties, but you’ll have your gene shot chance. First, you’ll have to understand the irrational in order to quirk it. The Big Bang Theory is that First and Second argument you’ll never handle it, unstrictly speaking, never tame it, since it jumps and fro like a randy and vicious horse. (Jim chuckles). Most of men, and most of the women, they think they did it, those who think are the best and knowing, the irrationals of the irrational, why they never see the grin smile of the Cheshire cat. ‘It’s this mean that the battle of sexes is a victory without any triumph, massa Sherlock? It’s this how the cat jumps?’ ‘ You can say that again, my dear Jim.’ It’s a decisively defeat for the intellect. On Totem and Tabu. One girl can play horse play and do transformative quantity into one giant leap quality, one making alchemical process looking like contemporary chemistry. The formula A girl have 5-10-20 sexual mates whatever her dynamics and energy will take it, will increase that accumulation of pleasure until the great and quality leap will be make it, in accordance with her consciously unconsciously need and desire, securing her gene and conserving the Egg. That’s why Mr. Humpty Dumpty is broken. The rank order of sperm, bursting as much as one likes and deliciously it may taste and sound, vitaminic or not, is quite very strictly regularized. You’ll have the quantity males for pleasure, ending with good sperm. Now, (trying to be funny) do you remember The Sermon of Matthew? ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth?’ In the end, someone will have to raise the children,  and that is the good father sperm. The end does always justify the means. It’s quite elementary, my dear Jim.

The Silence. Sherlock’dberry Finnegans Wakefield is sleeping. Voices continue. Discovery Science is on.  Jim chuckles. Humpty-Dumpty is broken and dreaming (He watched Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell and he read Raymond Carver’s Shortcuts). He dreams that he and Chekhov have lunch together and make hard boiled eggs. They run flying disc and they are happily frolics à la campagne. Evening they read at chateau Mary’s Frankenstein gothic navel. Meanwhile, Cesar Milan metamorphoses into Cerberus. the Time is out of joint. It’s midnight in the garden of good and evil. Silence. Creeping. Was Kafka’s surreal bug waking archaic H. P. Lovercraft menacing dark forces ?


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