The New Android

This is what things have come to in this world

The cows sit on the cocks and play gene games

The bitch under the skirts of the Teenager clone

Ah yes Adults they all take the little doll for a changeling

I hold peace and war into my joystick but I’ll take a nexus flip

Only the freeters department can drive the nightmare from the Egg-heads but all the horses are broken

Today nobody knows whether he was tomorrow

Wasted youth, they beat time with a Facebook like

If only somebody had the nerve to rip the nexus feathers

Out of the Brave New World it’s a great age

The guru professors of Communication and media gather in the Intelligent TV

With the palms of their hands they turn back the ex-tr-opiated masses

Ah ah ye great devils – ah ah ye keepers of the Law and commandements

The Planetarium Mass is out beyond the digital anthropological nebulae

With a bow wow wow with a boe woe woe who today does not know what our Father Butler wrote

Lord of the Flies is resurrected the best lack all conviction the worst are full of passionate intensity

The enemy of boundaries  the falcon trickster I pull the anatomical atlas out of my toe

A serious android study begins and this is how the world is this is all that’s ahead of us

God bless you, Mr. Richard Huelsenbeck!


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