Fishing with Richard

  To Richard Brautigan (1935-1984-

You know what is my favorite animal? It is fox-trout. Once I went fishing with general Richard Brautigan and he was very nice. Very nice, indeed.

He asked me about animals and if I like music too. He said to me: “Do you like Brahms?” And I say I like the sound of Brahmins and fox-trout. “Moo, I said,” or somesuch, (somewhat allegro) ma non troppo.

The general has two cats daughters. Their names are Bakunina and Kropotkina. And they are anarchysts. Very anarchists.

Bakunina and Kropotkina are painters. You know, creative girls. They even like Édouard Manet and they did a great reproduction on Le dejeuner sur l’herbe on their old father courtyards.

And you know what is the flabbergasting here? They transform themselves in black swans, and every night with full moon they perform Tchaikovsky ballet in the reflection of lake house. Can you believe that?  Spells of spring and young banshees, mob caps summoned, the brocades and crinoline twirling, furbelows and flickering wings,  Abraxadabras, the multicolored rainbow of a leviathan fox-trout.

The general said I was a good boy and educated and he promised me his autograph. He said: “Sun, you are like a son to me”, and he gave me the blessing of Ra, which as you know is the highest general in Egyptian pantheon. The general has two accomplishments degrees. One in Egology, the second in Egotripology, first born innate, the second conquered into his trip in Romania, about 200 hundred years ago in the future. At that time, he was building into the heart of an old European city a great time-machine traveler, the best kind of Pinocchio and Golem you’ll dream to a shrink, in basically a consistent upgrade on Mr. H.G. Wells and old flying Da Vinci cortex. The general was successful. He obtained franchise on it and also became a great entrepreneur. He is also a faithful man and he named his invention Past Adam who will travel as his butler and if he does a good job as secretary maybe he’ll marry Miss Future Eve, the beautiful clone daughter of an old French aristocrat named Villiers de L’Isle Adam.

Aristocrats and clones unite. Yes. Ça fait du Progrès.

“And you know what?”, concluded general when a golden and luscious fish was hooked up on fishing line. “I maybe write a novel about trouts in America.”

And of course he did it. He wrote it. The general is a man of his word and always kept his fish and promises.


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